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Medipalm in the Mediterranean coast

Viveros Medipalm was born in 1992 as a commercial Company of Mediterranean plant for international markets, shortly the company changed into a production company, growing plants nursery that was adapt to new varieties with small volumes in the market in order to find out news goals to satisfice our customers, offering them the best quality.

Viveros Medipalm is a family business in the Mediterranean coast, Spanish south east area, specifically in San Juan de los Terreros – Pulpí (Almería) in a production land with an extension of 145 Hectares.

Due to its location it has an average annual temperature of 17.6 degrees centigrade, what permits to grow a wide range of plants from different origins as Australia, Central America, South America, South Africa, Asia and others from the Mediterranean side.

Viveros Medipalm has been consolidated in the ornamental sector who develops great quantities of the products more demanded in the market, with the adequate infrastructure and mechanization for better work optimization.

Our production is based in a great variety of trees, palms, shrubs and nice big plants with the best quality. Our priority is to do uniformity products.

If you wish to visit our facilities, we’ll be happy to attend you.


Medipalm Viveros try to produce Mediterranean Plants for the Ornamental sector, trying to get the best quality plants in the market.


Create a nursery with a wide range of products to supply national and international markets, landscaper, etc to help to have a greener environment therefore, healthier.


We are a human team of more than 100 persons who have passion for good work done, service and good deal with our customers as a fundamental value.

Viveros Medipalm

Viveros Medipalm was born in 1992 as a trading company of Mediterranean plant, passing in a short time also being a producer, creating a nursery of ornamental plant in which they adapt new varieties with the aim of satisfying the preferences of their customers, offering them an unbeatable quality.

Viveros Medipalm is a consolidated company in the ornamental sector that develops a large quantity of the most demanded products in the market, with adequate infrastructure and mechanization for a better optimization of work.

Our production is based on a wide variety of trees, palms, shrubs and specimens of great beauty and of course top quality. The homogeneity in our products is always a priority.

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    Experts in Mediterranean plants

  • More than 400 species of plants

  • More than 140 ha. of production

  • Drip irrigation and natural fertilizers

  • Controlled and monitored Crops

  • Catalogs with detailed information