Cinnamomum camphora ARBUSTO View larger
Cinnamomum camphora ARBUSTO

Cinnamomum camphora

Sn: Laurus camphora

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    Cinnamomum camphora

    Cinnamomum camphora

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  • Family: LAURACEAE

    Large tree with lance-shaped leaves that are thick and long lasting, dark green in colour. Flowers of creamy white, not very significant. Small, round, black fruit.

    Data sheet

    Asia Tropical, Japón y Malasia
    20/30 m
    ZONE 7
    10/15 m
    Verde brillante, envés glauco
    Inflorescencia corta verde
    Fruto globoso negruzco

    Sales formats

    Format Diameter Liters Perimeter Total height Trunk height
    SHRUB T24 8 - 40/60 -
    SHRUB C35 25 - 80/100 -
    SHRUB C50 55 - 150/200 -
    SHRUB C60 90 - 200/250 -
    SHRUB C80 180 - 250/300 -
    SHRUB C80 180 - 300/400 -
    SHRUB C80 230 - 300/400 -
    TREE C30 17 - - -
    TREE C50 50 08/10P - -
    TREE C60 90 10/12P - -
    TREE C60 90 12/14P - -
    HUGE C80 230 25/30P - -
    HUGE C95 350 35/40P - -

    Viveros Medipalm

    Viveros Medipalm was born in 1992 as a trading company of Mediterranean plant, passing in a short time also being a producer, creating a nursery of ornamental plant in which they adapt new varieties with the aim of satisfying the preferences of their customers, offering them an unbeatable quality.

    Viveros Medipalm is a consolidated company in the ornamental sector that develops a large quantity of the most demanded products in the market, with adequate infrastructure and mechanization for a better optimization of work.

    Our production is based on a wide variety of trees, palms, shrubs and specimens of great beauty and of course top quality. The homogeneity in our products is always a priority.

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      Experts in Mediterranean plants

    • More than 400 species of plants

    • More than 140 ha. of production

    • Drip irrigation and natural fertilizers

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