Acoelorrhape wrightii PALMERA View larger
Acoelorrhape wrightii PALMERA

Acoelorrhape wrightii

Sn: Paurotis wrightii

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    Acoelorrhape wrightii

    Acoelorrhape wrightii

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  • Family: PALMAE

    Erect palm, with a compact crown, made up of 25-30 palmate leaves with long delicate stems of up to a 1 m., with curved orange spines on the edges spaced at 3 cm. apart. Acoelorrhaphe is a genus of palms, comprising the single species Acoelorrhaphe wrightii (Paurotis palm, also known as the Everglades palm, Madiera palm and Silver saw palmetto). It is native to Central America, southeastern Mexico, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and extreme southern Florida where it grows in swamps and periodically flooded forests. It is a small to moderately tall palm that grows in clusters to 5–7 metres, rarely 9 m tall, with slender stems less than 15 centimetres diameter. The leaves are palmate (fan-shaped), with segments joined to each other for about half of their length, and are 1–2 m wide, light-green above, and silver underneath. The leaf petiole is 1–1.2 m long, and has orange, curved, sharp teeth along the edges. The flowers are minute, inconspicuous and greenish, with 6 stamens. The trunk is covered with fibrous matting. The fruit is pea-sized, starting orange and turning to black at maturity.

    Data sheet

    Centro América y Florida
    6/8 m
    ZONE 9
    4/6 m
    Verde brillante
    Much water
    Inflorescencia fina blanca
    Sun Half-shade
    Naranja, negro

    Sales formats

    Format Diameter Liters Perimeter Total height Trunk height
    PALM T25 10 - 50/60 -
    PALM C35 25 - 80/100 -
    PALM C50 55 - 100/125 -
    PALM C75 180 - 150/200 -
    PALM C75 180 - 200/250 -

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